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4th of July Model Team Photoshoot

Our first model team photoshoot for the class of 2023 was a success!! We made our way to the Liberty Memorial and World War 1 Museum in Kansas City, MO for our 4th of July themed session. We couldn’t have asked for better weather on the beautiful and sunny, Sunday afternoon. I brought my husband and kids along so that they could explore while we took photos.

Liberty Memorial is one of my all time favorite Kansas City locations. There are so may great places to photograph, the light reflects beautifully off of the limestone and you can’t ask for a better scenic view of the KC Skyline.

PS… be sure to keep reading to the end! There is some EXCITING NEWS!

4th of July model team photoshoot at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City

Group Photos

We started off with some group posed photos with and without the 4th of July props to let the girls get to know each other since this was the first time some of them were meeting!

Then it was time to have some fun! I let the girls choose some pose ideas and they had a blast doing their model walks and Beatles inspired “Abbey Road” walk.

Individual Photos

Along the way we got plenty of individual photos as well. So let me introduce the Class of 2023 senior spokesmodel team! First up we have sisters, Bella and Lexi! Born just 9 months apart, these two are Irish twins! They get to celebrate many of their big milestones together and are built in best friends.

Next up we have Keeley! If you follow my family photography page, you may recognize her from some of my other photos as well. She had the most amazing mother/daughter session last fall. It was hard to tell whom was mom and daughter. Keeley plays the harp, does theatre and is an animal lover.


Wondering how you can become a spokesmodel?? I am opening my 2023 team applications back up for the month of July! I am looking for 2 more girls that want to participate in fun photoshoots and other activities for the class of 2023. Next up we have a back to school editorial styled color session and you could be part of it! Think Bright colors, crazy lighting, and editorial magazine style poses…

WAIT… one more SURPRISE!! I’m also starting a Teen Team of sophomore and junior girls! More details coming on that soon!

Watch out America’s Next Top Model… Here comes Abby’s Ambassadors!

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